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CED Greentech C&I Solutions is pleased to offer in-house engineering design expertise for commercial solar and energy storage projects in all 50 states.

We provide critical value by marrying your engineering and procurement needs under one roof. Put differently, the upward visibility that CED Greentech has in the solar supply chain enables you to confidently plan around a tailored selection of equipment that provides the best value. This aspect of our services is especially useful for commercial projects with long life cycles.

Our team of solar engineering professionals brings a level of experience and knowledge that will give your project a competitive edge, especially when it comes to energy storage.

Our Director of Engineering, Stuart Fox, has over 20 years of PV experience. He has led the engineering as well as guided the installation of multiple sophisticated commercial solar and storage projects. Because our engineering team has years of experience in the field, they analyze every project from the perspective of solar contractors so that installations can be cost-effective and streamlined when ultimately delivered to the property owner.

If formal engineering services are not required you can still rely on our team for design guidance and feedback that reflect industry-best practices, code compliance, and cost efficiency.

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