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Over the next decade the adoption of electric vehicles is forecast. Solar and energy storage developers and contractors are well positioned to lead the deployment of home, business, and fleet charging networks. To prepare and support you in this emerging growth segment C&I Solutions has partnered with the nation's leading electric vehicle charger manufacturers and software providers.

In addition to sales and installation training in conjunction with our partners we can offer assistance identifying and capturing all available rebates and incentives

We offer Level 1 and 2 charging systems as well as DC fast chargers.

Level I Charger: Uses a 120Vac connection to plug into standard residential outlets. 16A is a common output current, allowing the charger to fit on a 20A breaker. This creates only a 2kW power draw and makes for long charging times. EV owners may receive a complimentary Level 1 charger with the purchase of their vehicle, but it is likely not the best option when upgrading a home for charging capabilities.

Level II Charger: These are most commonly found in residential homes. They usually draw 7.6kW and newer models up to 9kW at 240Vac, charging a typical EV in 5-7 hours. They are also found in parking lots where cars are usually idle for a full workday, at storefronts, and sometimes at public charging stations.

DC Fast Charger: These can charge passenger vehicles in as little as 30 minutes and are usually anywhere from 25-100kW. They're mostly used at public charging stations where passengers need to charge on the go (gas stations, highway rest stops, etc.). They're also used at storefronts where customers may be parked for short periods of time.

Heavy-Duty DC Chargers: These are used for heavy-duty vehicles such as buses and trucks and can range anywhere from 50kW to 250kW. Most early adopters are vehicles with known, repeatable routes such as city or school buses because the energy use is easily forecasted.

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